Monday, February 27, 2012

Natty Linen Indio 3.1 Pink to Gray

I just mailed off a gorgeous Natty Linen Indio to a friend, she had given me a steal of a deal on it, and asked for gentle dibs should I sell. Of course I wanted to dye that bad boy...giggle, so I asked her what colors were inspiring her lately...She said pinks and grays...I looked around the net for inspiration of my own, and meanwhile worked on a few other projects...
One site I really enjoy browsing is Design Seeds. Have a looksie...I'll wait...
So NLI...I ended up doing this one twice. The first time, I felt that it was too stripey, so back into the tub it went. And by tub, I mean rubbermaid tote ;) 
I am really pleased with it. 
I hope she loves it! She said it is her first grad! It wasn't a custom per se, but I knew it would make its way back to her; we have a funny way of trading wraps back and forth. 


  1. Fabulous! That hot pink is stunning (and I don't usually like pink ;)

  2. Love love love!!!! EEK can't wait to get it!!

  3. This is lovely! How do i contact the beauty of this owner? I would like to place dibs for this wrap please!