Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rainbows, part 2 on Bebina Natur ala Snow Rainbow

Ok, a sneak peak for you...Bebina Natur is in the wash with synthrapol again...The yellow is perfect, need to add another layer of orange...and a deeper red. This rainbow is inspired by my pal who created Snow Rainbow.
So here we go, a few days later, a few more layers of color...Its really beginning to look like a rainbow! 

more to come in the next few days!
Being the Virgo perfectionist I am, its very hard for me to say ok its done...But I've continued to work on this rainbow for the past few days, adding layers of color...At this point, its about as perfect as its going to get...or is it...

 Its a little stripier than I'd like...still working on perfecting my technique. But honestly, the stripes don't show while being worn, and some people don't even mind a stripey look...
 Haha my ds always wants to participate...

So here it is, in its colorful goodness.