Sunday, March 4, 2012

All things Indigo

Pick up an Indigo Kit from Dharma. It is loads of fun!!! It has everything you need in it, except for dye blanks...
I picked up an Indigo Kit from my local craft store over the summer. It was on their clearance shelf for under 2 bucks...You'll need a bucket and a stick to stir...good ole yard stick works well...
So here is the "flower" which you'll skim off and set aside for future Indigo goodness...
And here is a random collection of various things that have been put in that bucket.

 Some Onesies I had leftover from the babies.
 Some Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV)

some linen yardage I picked up from Joanns. Notice the greenish Indigo hits the air it oxidizes turning from green to blue...Neat stuff!

Some random swatches of Didymos wraps...Teviot and Pink wooly dots
More random swatches...

 A play silk from Dharma...
Some gorgeous wool yarn

Went to the yarn store...
a sample of hemp silk delicious

 reinvigorated the vat again...pretty flower!
 Practicing a Shibori Arashi technique.
some gorgeous mohair yarn

I also decided to try painting on Indigo'd yardage, this is Jacquard Lumiere "Indigo"
And this was a linen ringsling, just plain ole white. It needed a makeover.
I really love how it turned out. I keep it in the car and we use it for errands. 

well, there is a lot more to share...come back soon y'hear?

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