Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bugs you say?

Yes Bugs...Cochineal to be exact. Here you can read all about them go on, click the link. I'll wait...
I buy my bugs from Aurora Silk. I purchased them whole the first time around...after spending many, many days boiling these creatures, I've decided to buy ground cochineal next time...
that's what they look like when they first go in...boil..then let it sit overnight...Who knew a french press was going to come in handy! So 24 hours later the bug mixture went back into the pot and boiled for an hour. Meanwhile I had a piece of Natty Wool Indio that had been mordanting in Alum for 24 hours and it was ready to throw into the dye pot. The french press came in handy once again...had to make sure all the little bug bits and pieces were strained..
It was an absolutely stunning shade of pink!!! I also did some silk scarves, as I always test dye colors on various fabric samples.

I was absolutely pleased at how soft and perfect this pink NWI turned out!! I sent it to my good pal Jess at Shiny Star Designs. She made a ringsling out of it. A Perfect pairing!

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